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Digital Nomad

This term emphasizes lifestyle choice as much as work style

Road Warrior

It highlights the extensive travel and tenacity needed in such roles

Gig Economy

Definition: An economic sector consisting of part-time, temporary, and freelance jobs where workers are paid for individual tasks or "gigs" rather than receiving a salary or hourly wage


Definition: An individual who is self-employed and not committed to a particular employer long-term; freelancers typically work on multiple projects for different clients

Independent Contractor

Definition: A person who provides services to clients under terms specified in a contract or a freelance agreement, rather than as an employee who receives regular wages


Definition: A professional who provides expert advice in a particular area, such as management, technology, or marketing, often on a contractual basis

Temp (Temporary Worker)

Definition: A worker hired to fill in for a temporary period, often through staffing agencies, to cover short-term needs of the hiring company

Gig Worker

Definition: An individual who works jobs (gigs) where each piece of work or task is a separate engagement, often facilitated by digital platforms

Side Hustler

Definition: Someone who operates their freelance or independent work as a secondary job in addition to their main employment


Definition: An individual who works an additional job (usually freelance) outside of regular working hours, often supplementing a primary income

Digital Nomad

Definition: Freelancers or remote workers who travel and work simultaneously, often internationally, leveraging technology to perform their jobs

1099 Worker

Definition: Named after the IRS form 1099, which reports income received by an independent contractor, this term specifically refers to self

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