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Actors as Dean Wolfe and Josh Quinn founders of The Gig Community



Josh and Dean


 Our mission in establishing The Gig Community was to empower gig workers by offering events, education, and a supportive professional network that fosters a sense of belonging with access to the necessary tools and resources to navigate their industry with confidence, including guidance with things like taxes, insurance and saving for retirement, as well as the chance to network with professional peers.   

For the last five years, we have been working as freelancers all over the United States.  Literally, every other gig workers we met wanted the same thing--so, we built it.  Here you'll be able to connect in person and online with others in your field as well as peruse our tools and resources, like our vetted resources list, the online forum, and anonymous client reviews.  Also be sure to check out the blog which has a ton of practical information.  All here for you and to make the gig economy more inclusive for everyone.

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