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Selfie photo of TGC founders Dean and Josh

Here it is guys, finally! We are excited to present—a website and app designed to protect your time, connect with others, grow your income, and help you find peace of mind.

As friends, supporters, leaders, and fellow freelance/gig workers, we want you join the community with a free year of "Ambassador" membership, which includes the following benefits:

  1. Unlimited anonymous client reviews by phone number and/or username.

  2. Access to comprehensive resources and tools for taxes, retirement savings and insurance, tailored for you.

  3. Complimentary tickets to the national Hook-Up events to talk shop and connect in person.

  4. Exclusive ability to start threads in the Forum and engage in topics relevant to your career.

  5. Vetted vendors to assist you with everything from on-the-go workouts to buying a home with a gig worker's income.

However, we need your help to make it awesome with the following steps:

  1. Download the tgc app from either the Apple Store or Android Play.

  2. Bookmark and utilize the Anonymous Client Reviews feature after each client interaction, whether positive or negative.  

  3. Engage in the Forum by responding to existing posts or initiating your own discussionsa special privilege reserved for Ambassadors.

  4. Share and like the blog posts and send us a testimonial if what you're reading has value and can benefit others. And please feel free to shoot over any feedback you have about the site.

  5. Check out the Resources and Links tab to power up your finances and health

  6. Spread the word to your friends, cohorts, other freelancers/gig workers and part-timers with the invite button on the app or send them link.


Respond to this text with your email, and we will create your account in the system and send you the login information with a free one year Ambassador membership.

We have collectively recognized the need for the above and we've spent the past year developing it for all of us. Together, we can pave the way for everyone's success and build a thriving ecosystem.

Thank you and much love,

Josh Q and Dean Wolfe

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