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Good advice from a sassy ol' pro.  Grandma Wolfe

(Nana) will answer your letters for hard to answer questions as well as share some of her favorite recipes for success.  


If you'd like Nana Wolfe to answer your gig related questions, write to her at

Grey haired fun lady in a stripped jacket and white sunglesses flashing an edgy sign with her hands
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of humor and don't take yourself too seriously. 

Hi Nana,

I'm feeling like I'm soo busy with the hustle between gigs,  different locations for gigs, stressed about the economy...and not time for anything to do outside of work. What should I do?


piece of white paper with a handwritten note responding to the question about workers comp

"Hey kiddo! Grandma's here to give you some important advice on workers comp. You never know when an accident might happen on the job, and you don't want to be left holding the bag.


So, what can you do? First, check out what workers comp options are available in your state. Some states have programs specifically for gig workers, so do your homework.


Another option is getting a standalone workers comp policy. These policies are made for gig workers and can give you the coverage you need if something happens. Just make sure to compare quotes from different insurers to get the best deal.


And if you're not sure about what to do or how to navigate the workers comp system, don't be afraid to ask for help. Talk to a lawyer or a workers comp specialist for guidance and support.


There you have it! Some practical (and grandma-approved) advice on how to get workers comp as a gig worker. Follow these tips and you'll be on your way to gig-work greatness (and hopefully injury-free too)."

School style lined paper with a handwritten note with a letter to grandma asking about workers comp

Hi Nana!

I'm worried about workers comp as a gig worker. What happens if i get injured on a job?

Old style postcard with a letter to the editor
An old style postcard with a response written on it

Hi Gma!

Greetings from Miami!  Wondernig is there somewhere i can check to see if my gig is legit?  

Of course Kiddo!  Gramma got your back.  Start by clicking on Grammas Jam!

Grandma's recipe card with a recipe for success


 1. Add a sprinkle of determination

 2. Mix in a tablespoon of curiosity. 

3. Don't forget a dash of sass.

Stir all of these ingredients together and you'll have a recipe for strength and wisdom that's tough to beat. 

Grandma Wolfe

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