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Giggify Your Attitude with Gratitude-A Gig Workers Guide

Gratitude—the act of being grateful—can aid you in your personal and professional world and can be a game-changer when facing the challenges when working for yourself.

As a freelancer and gig worker you experience independence but also encounter new challenges like managing multiple clients and projects, uncertain income streams, not to mention the need for self-discipline and self-motivation required daily. Practicing gratitude can provide a solid foundation for success and comes with strength and resilience.

Freelancers often wear multiple hats, constantly evolving and learning. Gratitude plays a pivotal role in this growth mindset. Taking it all on, doing what you do can quickly lead to stress and burnout. Before this happens, you need to be mindful of each of your opportunities, the connections you've made, the additional skills you've learned with each project, even when it was a really tough customer. The knowledge that it's in your arsenal, you can be grateful for that, which does the most astonishing thing, is that when you're grateful for even the tough times and the setbacks, it helps you foster a positive outlook, which will only bring you more clients, money, and happiness for longer. This is the law of attraction, but it starts with being grateful.

You need acknowledge your clients to show them you are grateful for their trust, collaboration, and feedback in any form can only enhance your relationship. It's these connections that foster a long-term partnership that is built on trust and communication but will lead to more because of continued contracts and potential referrals, which motivates you and your client to go deeper and stronger.

But how does gratitude motivate yourself for growth? Being reflective on achievements, skills, focusing on the benefits of independence can be the best electricity in the car of igniting our passion. This is pivotal in continuing this mindset of evolving, learning, and growth.

So what are some of the best ways to show gratitude in our business and lives? The first thing is to express it—and if they are instrumental in your journey, then do it in a token way. Make it unique... a handwritten card from the heart is one of the best. You can also do some reflective journaling specifically focused on professional accomplishments, skills gained, or positive client interactions. Networking with a positive approach of gratitude, viewing every interaction as a learning experience that you are grateful to your collaborator, potential client, or for knowledge sharing or the potential to learn something.

You must expand your gratitude outside of your daily interactions with clients, friends, family, partners, but raise it up to something higher—to whatever god you see, feel, believe in, or preach that you are grateful for giving you life. That you are grateful for everything around you that you can see god. Even finding gratitude in the smallest things, like the ability to type on a keyboard or open your eyes to see sun in the morning everyday can bring someone out of depression.

Once you incorporate gratitude into daily practices, anyone can enhance their mental resilience, nurture stronger professional relationships, stay motivated, and continue on a path of growth and success, even in the ever-evolving and challenging world of freelancing and gig work.

I am truly thankful for each and every one of you taking the time to read and explore these thoughts on gratitude in the world of freelancing. Your presence is deeply appreciated.


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